Indie Author Site: Under Construction

So the first step on the road to publication was to run through the manuscript for a good edit and prepare it to hand off to my beta reader. Got that done this week – now I just have to get it printed. Step One – check!

The next step (or is it just the step I was most jazzed about? I should probably be doing the two-hour demo on my new Scrivener program… oh, well, that can wait) was to publish an author website. This is it, although please keep in mind it is a work in progress. What do you think so far? Have I made any howling errors or digital faux pas? Would love to hear your comments if you have any.

These only represent the first few pages and I’ve probably changed each one of them at least, let’s say fifteen times. Perfectionist much? 🙂 The site includes this blog component, which is hosted by WordPress, who have kindly agreed (it’s a built-in) to pass on each new post to all my other social media platforms. If you got here from one of those, you are part of the experiment. How’d it go? Was it a smooth journey?

Okay, that’s enough navel-gazing. Time to go be productive. Step Two – in progress…


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