#Thunderclap Thursday

Launch Teaser

Hey, blog followers! I need your help. It won’t take long.

I’m putting together a “Thunderclap” to announce the release of my next novel, The Launch.
All you have to do to participate is click the link shown below to get to my announcement page. Then click the highlighted links to connect to your twitter, facebook or tumblr. It only takes a couple of minutes now and then you can forget about it until December 8th when all your friends and followers will get the exciting news about my new book from you. It’s that easy.
Please consider helping me out with these few clicks to announce my news with a bang! If I don’t reach a minimum of 100 supporters, it won’t happen at all. I’m currently at 30. Help!
If you’re in, please click the link below to get started.
If you haven’t heard of thunderclap.it, it’s a website which lets you build an announcement or promotion scheduled for some future date and then add many other voices to extend the reach of your post all at once when the time comes. To agree to post the message to your social media profile, you click one of the links for twitter, facebook or tumblr, or all three if you have them. Thunderclap will connect to each profile. You will then be asked whether you will authorize the app to post on your behalf on the day in question. You click “Yes” and you’re returned to the Thunderclap site, hopefully to click another link. 🙂
I have participated in many Thunderclap campaigns and have never had a problem. This site promises to keep your data secure.