Genesis of an idea

2014 was the year I decided to go “indie” with my writing. While on vacation with my family early in the year, the original “Author Earnings Report” came out. I found it quite persuasive. I also have a few friends who have been enjoying some success with their own indie publishing efforts—the key word being “enjoying.” It looked like a lot of fun.

So, while we lounged poolside, my wife and I cooked up a plan to begin our own publishing collaboration. These ongoing discussions eventually turned into “Hanton House Creative Media,” a platform for our future creative projects and publishing ventures. For me, this will mostly take the form of novels and maybe a short story collection. For Christina, it will likely have something to do with mixed media art or art journaling. We will probably collaborate on a cookbook. And who knows what else? We’re free to go in any direction we like. Would we still call that a “cottage industry?”

In April, I posted the following on my various social media outlets:

So, I’ve decided to make the leap into Indie Publishing. I don’t know whether it’s “The Workers have Taken Over the Means of Production” or “The Lunatics have Taken Over the Asylum,” but both sound like a lot of fun. Also there was this:

With my wife’s (Christina Young) great artwork for covers and the insights and advice of friends like Robert Chazz Chute (just getting around to his “Crack the Indie Author Code” now), I’m feeling good about the possibilities.

First up will be the novel shown below. With a new cover, new title and another edit or two, it’ll be ready for “Primetime.” (Amazon joke.)

More updates to follow. Wish me luck.

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So, here is the original manuscript that will be my first indie book:

This is where the updates will follow. Watch this space.