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“A group of characters I recognize and want to get to know better. Pitch perfect writing.” – Cynthia Dagnal-Myron, former reporter, Chicago Sun-Times, Arizona Daily Star, and Rolling Stone

“Young doesn’t simply develop characters individually, but also based on their relationships to one another. This multifaceted character development brings the entire story into vivid clarity.” – Book Blogger Pure Jonel

“Thanks for this potent kick of nostalgia. How important those days were to the adults we’ve become. Call that ‘The High School Theory.’” – Beverly Akerman, author of The Meaning of Children

“A novel which moves along very nicely and captures my attention.” – Ann Elizabeth Carson, author of We All Become Stories


They’re the most unlikely detectives…

Martin is a 38-year-old virgin marked for greatness by the insurance gods. In his professional life, he is paid to assess risk, but in his personal life he plays it safe. Experience has shown him that lonely is better than brokenhearted.

George is a wannabe architect with white man’s dreadlocks. He risks his neck on the streets of Toronto every day as a bike courier, but his job is unchallenging and he chooses apathy over the risk of failure at what he really wants to do.

When George tags along with Martin to investigate the scene of his latest claim, they stumble upon a burglary in process. Now they are being hunted by an unknown adversary who will stop at nothing to get what he’s after, forcing Martin and George into a dangerous game of cat and mouse in which they must risk everything.

The manuscript version of Risk was a semi-finalist in the Chapters-Robertson Davies First Novel Contest.

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