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Cover Design

I’m really excited to present the book cover for my first project, a novel called “Risk” which I will be posting on Wattpad starting this week. I will probably be posting a couple of chapters a week. I’m lucky to be married to an incredible artist who came up with this cover for me, as well as another one which is in the works. We spent a lot of hours today fine tuning the fonts, images and color choices, all of which I’m really happy with.

“Risk” is a mystery suspense novel involving the theft of some blueprints and a couple of heavies on loan from NYC to pull off the job, so the cover elements are appropriate. It also has the look of a classic mystery story to me, which is a theme I play with in the book. Looking forward to hearing the feedback from the Wattpad community once it’s posted.

I’d love to hear your feedback, if you’re willing to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Update: I have begun posting chapters on Wattpad and will be updating twice per week. You can take a look there and post a comment if you’re so inspired.



9 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at First Book Cover

  1. Mark – The cover is quite good. Nice use of fonts and color depth…kudos to your wife! A thought:

    The title is dark and at the miniscule size your cover will be seen on Amazon–as small as 107px X 160–it might disappear. What I’ve done in the past to check is take a screen shot of your average Amazon search results page then, in Photoshop, size your cover appropriately to the others and see if it stands out. Be objective and brutal. You can toy with ways of popping the cover without losing overall design.

    Hope you don’t mind the constructive critique. I’ve toyed with my covers dozens of times and am still not happy with them. The beauty of digital publishing, though, is that you can always go back and improve!

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    • Thanks, Matthew. Good points, all. For now, it will just appear on Wattpad as a serial, but when it is finished, I would like to put it up on Amazon, so this is helpful feedback.


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