2016 – My Year in Books


Every year on Goodreads, I take part in the Reading Challenge. I achieved 50 books in 2015 and 60 in 2016. They also helpfully provided a pictograph of everything I read this year (so far), which was an interesting retrospective. An eclectic mix of titles, many of them graphic novels. Also some interesting data I didn’t expect. Click here if you’d like to take a look and please share a link to your own year in books in the comments if you have one.



The Decameron Project


Something fun and a little different that I was asked to take part in over on Wattpad. My part came out over the weekend, but the Decameron Project will be huge when it’s completed (over 100 total short stories by all different, hand-picked authors). Check it out and add it to your library if you’re on Wattpad. If you’re determined to vote for my story “Crotch Dogs,” who am I to say no? 🙂

By the Book Interview

By The Book Cover MY

Here is a book I loved with a subtitle that I hate: “Writers on Literature and the Literary Life.” That sounds boring. It’s not even about that. But what it actually is, writers and famous people telling The New York Times Book Review about what books they’re reading, all time faves, and childhood reading habits, was fascinating. In fact, I was inspired to use their list of questions to complete my own By the Book Interview. Here it is.

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