My #Interview for Small Empires #Wattpad Episode

wattpad interview

So I was recently interviewed by Alexis Ohanian for a web-based TV show which was doing a feature on Wattpad. It was a lot of fun. The show is called “Small Empires” and it appears on The Wattpad episode is now up on the site – lots of great Toronto footage and a look behind the scenes at the ubercool Wattpad headquarters!

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Risk #BookLaunch at #WordsLDN Festival

This past weekend, I was one of 40 authors promoting my books at WordsFest on the upper level of the Covent Garden Market in London. Because of the timing (having just received my first batch of hard copies of my second novel Risk), the festival became the ideal occasion for an unofficial book launch.

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#BookLaunch – Once Were Friends

OWF paperbackThe final proof copy has at last arrived, been drooled over and approved! It is a thing of beauty. Love the cover, love the interior, love the back jacket and the glossy feel of it in my hands. Absolutely blown away. The convenience of my e-reader is amazing and I’m so excited to sell my book in that format, but there’s nothing like a hardcopy to excite the senses. So, let’s make this official… I am proud to say that my novel “Once Were Friends” is now launched into the world.

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