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What do Margaret Atwood, Paulo Coehlo and Cory Doctorow all have in common? They’re writers, yes, but what else? Actually, they have all posted their work on Toronto-based Wattpad, as have I. I actually joined a couple of years ago but only began posting my work in the last month or so.

I setup a profile page and began reading some other peoples’ work and making connections with other writers on the site. As of a few weeks ago, I began posting a mystery novel called “Risk” that I wrote many years ago, but which had never found a home. My plan was to post two chapters a week until the entire novel was complete. Right away, people found the book and began voting for and commenting on my chapters, which was a great experience. The Wattpad online community is a warm and supportive one.

One of these connections happened to work for Wattpad, which led them to offer to feature “Risk” as part of their promotion for a movie called “The Purge: Anarchy.” That listing just went up on their site today and promises to help many more readers discover my story of a brilliant but introverted insurance underwriter in Toronto. My book cover will be wearing a movie badge for the next few weeks as part of this promo.

Please feel free to stop by my Wattpad page and check out “Risk.” You don’t need a special app to read on your computer, but you can get one for your phone or tablet if you’d like to take the book to go. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading!

Update: Risk broke into the Top Ten of the Mystery/Thriller Hot List as of August 6th and is now at over 30,ooo reads as of August 20th. I just uploaded the final chapter and marked it “Complete.” Definitely a good experience and I plan to begin posting my next novel shortly.

Risk in Wattpad Top Ten


4 thoughts on “Wattpad Success Story

  1. Case in point, I received the following amazing compliment from Cynthia Dagnal-Myron to my chapter called “The Dinner Idea” via the comments section on Wattpad:

    “This is deft wrting, several levels above the usual. So wonderful, on my ‘reading day,’ to come here and think, ‘Ah, now here’s a writer who knows his stuff!'”

    So complimentary! Thank-you, Cynthia.


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