41 #eBook #Marketing Tips

During my ongoing journey to publication of my novel “Once Were Friends,” I came across a free e-book entitled “Smashwords Book Marketing Guide” by Mark Coker, the founder of Smashwords. The following 41 excellent suggestions are explained at length in the book.

Tip #1: Update your email signature

Tip #2: Post a Notice to Your Web Site or Blog

Tip #3: Contact your Friends, Family, Co-workers, Business Associates and Fans

Tip #4: Post a Notice to Your Social Networks

Tip #5: Update Your Message Board Signatures

Tip #6: Reach readers with Twitter

Tip #7: Publish more than one book at Smashwords to create a multiplier effect

Tip #8: Advertise your other books in each book you publish

Tip #9: Make it easy for readers to connect with you

Tip #10: Issue a Press Release on a Free PR Wire Service

Tip #11: Join HARO, Help-A-Reporter-Online

Tip #12. Encourage your Fans to Purchase and Review Your Book

Tip #13. Write Thoughtful Reviews for other Books on Smashwords

Tip #14: Participate in Online Forums

Tip #15: Experiment with Coupons

Tip #16: Write a blog

Tip #17: Write Guest Columns for Blogs

Tip #18: Invite other Authors to Post to your Blog

Tip #19: Do Q&A Interviews of other Authors on your Blog

Tip #20: Join the conversation on blogs

Tip #21: Organize a blog tour

Tip #22: Use Google Alerts to discover where the conversations are taking place

Tip #23: Leverage YouTube Videos to Reach Readers

Tip #24: Print up business cards

Tip #25: Encourage your fans to become affiliate marketers of your books

Tip #26: Create a reader’s guide at the end of your book

Tip #27: Insert sample chapters from your other books

Tip #28: Do a sample chapters swap with another author

Tip #29: Invite other authors to join you at Smashwords

Tip #30: Promote your book to top ebook listing sites

Tip #31 – Read The Secrets to ebook Publishing Success, also by Mark Coker

Tip #32 – Upgrade your cover image

Tip #33 – Share these marketing tips with your fellow authors!

Tip #34 – Create an online calling card and bio at About.me

Tip #35 – Create a presentation and upload it to SlideShare.net

Tip #36 – Join LinkedIn, post links to your books

Tip #37 – Do a presentation at your local library on ebook publishing

Tip #38 – Tweak your Viral Catalysts to Make your Book More Discoverable and Desirable

Tip #39 – Link to Every Retailer

Tip #40 – Do a Pre-order for Your Next Book

Tip #41 – Do a Smashwords Interview!

I plan to implement most of these strategies in my own marketing efforts. Please note Tip #33 which is my rationale for stealing all these great ideas to share on my blog. Lots more details are available in the book, which you can download for free. And while you’re on the site, please check out my Smashwords profile.

Have you got any you’d add to the list? I’m always open to great suggestions, so please leave your best ideas in the comments below. Thanks!


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    • Hi, Don. Thanks for your comment. I think that is good advice and I’ve heard it before. Mark Coker doesn’t believe in exclusivity and I believe you have to go KDP Select for 90 days in order to offer it for free on Kindle. It’s good that this idea will be here in the comments to represent this other point of view.


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