New #Comic Strip on new #website!

RN cover.jpeg

I’ve been digging through the archives and am excited to announce a new website and facebook page dedicated to my comics work. Please Like and or Follow to get the updates of the first comic strip, which begins tomorrow.

My collaborations with artist Tim Levins date back to the early ’90s and include several distinct strips (see banner below). I am going to begin by posting the strips from Rivertown News which originally appeared in Scene Magazine here in London, Canada. Tim went on to much later success in comics, while I turned more to fiction and non-fiction writing. But I still look back at our projects with pride and enjoyment. And some bemusement. Those Gen X references, tho! 🙂

Hope you’ll get on board and follow along with these stories in comic strip form as I begin posting tomorrow. Should be a lot of fun and nostalgia for those alive at the time. I will be posting on some of my social media accounts, but you can also click the links below to sign up:

landy banner 2