The Power of #Yes


I think I’ve been inspired by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey…

Sometimes opportunities come your way that seem random or have benefits that are hard to quantify, if any. I’ve been trying to stay open to offers I get on the assumption that they must have come my way for a good reason.

Of course, there have also been a few that were obviously great things that I’d be a fool to turn down. Those are the easy ones.

Here are some of the things I’ve said Yes to recently:

  • posing for a local photographer who is doing a series on “London Creatives”
  • judging a Valentine’s Day writing contest held by Wattpad India
  • taking part in a Contemporary London Authors reading day at the public library in April
  • speaking to a PhD student who is doing research on the phenomenon of e-writing
  • paying for an ad in a book catalog for Indie Authors – in hardcopy! 🙂
  • being interviewed on an internet radio show about my novel “Once Were Friends”
  • donating my books as giveaways for a pre-Xmas giveaway contest
  • getting involved in some larger projects at work that will mean I’m extra busy this year
  • tabling at a writer’s festival in London with books for sale and all!
  • driving two hours to Toronto for a fifteen minute TV interview and then two hours home again (last year)
  • collaborating on writing a book for the first time ever

Time is a finite resource which is always under pressure, but you can’t always tell where an opportunity might lead. The person you say No to isn’t likely to ask you again, and maybe it isn’t this one that will pay off for you, but the NEXT one you haven’t heard about yet.




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