HNY 2016

Thanks to everyone who kept up with my musings this past year or read one of my books. It is always appreciated. More to come in 2016. Enjoy the aurora borealis tonight, Canadians!


By the Book Interview

By The Book Cover MY

Here is a book I loved with a subtitle that I hate: “Writers on Literature and the Literary Life.” That sounds boring. It’s not even about that. But what it actually is, writers and famous people telling The New York Times Book Review about what books they’re reading, all time faves, and childhood reading habits, was fascinating. In fact, I was inspired to use their list of questions to complete my own By the Book Interview. Here it is.

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The Launch – Sample Chapter

Launch ebook cover shadow

My name is Watson Sinclair and I am a pathetically heterosexual man. Not the kind who decides in elementary school that he likes girls but is too shy to do anything about it all the way through high school, learning what he can from teen romance books, pornography and playground rumors, although that, too. Compulsive ogling is the true symptom of my condition. Unsubtle rubbernecking is its unfortunate result.

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